Download McGraw-Hill's Essential American Slang (Essential) by Richard Spears PDF

Download McGraw-Hill's Essential American Slang (Essential) by Richard Spears PDF

By Richard Spears

Comprehend American English higher by means of studying its slang This authoritative reference deals millions of yank English slang expressions. Entries contain definitions and examples of slang utilized in context. With aid from McGraw-Hill's crucial American Slang Dictionary, you'll familiarize yourself with English because it is utilized in the media, at paintings, round the condo, and in daily conversations. this data may help you understand English because it is spoken within the usa and upload sort in your note utilization. within you will discover: 2,000 entries with examples of daily utilization the most recent slang utilized in the yank lexicon enjoyable illustrations that exhibit the humor of taking expressions too actually

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An extra seat on a motorcycle, behind the driver. ) ᭜ Get on the crack-rack, and I’ll give you a ride. cranking mod. exciting; excellent. ᭜ We had a massively cranking time at your place. crapped (out) mod. dead; finished. (Not prenominal. ) ᭜ After a serious encounter with a rattlesnake, my two dogs were crapped by dawn. crash cart n. a nickname for the hospital cart that carries equipment used to attempt to restore a heartbeat, such as a defibrilator. ᭜ Get the crash cart to third west. crasher n.

He’s circling the drain. Almost ready for a celestial transfer. cellular Macarena n. the activity seen when a cell phone rings in public. ᭜ Beethoven’s Fifth rang out and seven people started playing cellular Macarena. chain(saw) tv. to destroy something; to cut something up severely. ᭜ The senatorial committee tried to chainsaw the nominee, but the full senate voted for confirmation. change the channel tv. to switch to some other topic of conversation. ᭜ Let’s change the channel here before there is a fight.

You get into that kitchen and bust some suds to pay for your meal! 33 busta busta n. a young kid trying to act tough; buster. (Streets. ) ᭜ Sammy’s just a busta. He won’t get nowhere. butch [bUtS] 1. n. a physician. (Derogatory. ) ᭜ The butch at the infirmary was no help at all. 2. mod. virile and masculine. ) ᭜ Really, Clare. How butch! butt thong and butt floss n. a thong bathing costume. ) ᭜ You’re not going to wear that butt thong in public are you? ” butter face n. a very ugly woman; a woman with everything just right but her face.

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